Outside Magazine: The Green Issue

We have been reading Outside Magazine forever and often find green tidbits, but the April issue is all green from front to back, almost all hits. Perhaps there might have been a better choice for the cover out of two dozen green giants featured inside, but that is a quibble when you can also read a long feature on Chip and Dave of Grist (wasn't there a Disney cartoon about them?) and other articles on subjects like water-"A global water crisis is devastating people, creatures, rivers, lakes, oceans—in short, nearly everything that keeps us happy and alive. But don't let that sink your spirits. Activists are on the case, and each of us can play a part in restoring our liquid assets." China- "Is red the new green? Not just yet. With its massive economy and populace, China is the country environmentalists will watch in the 21st century." Zero Carbon Bicycle teams, and much more.

Worth buying in paper- a full dollar goes to the Conservation Alliance from each copy sold. Not much on line yet at ::Outside but you can read about Chip and Dave at ::Grist