Our Future is TBD

our future is TBD image

Do you like it easy, concise and world-changing? Are you eager to get involved in improving our future and ready to embrace new world-shaking idea with one simple click? Then just sign up to TBD, the latest project by All Day Buffet, which launched at the Feast Conference in New York last month. Since then, every Wednesday they endorse one mind-blowing project by sending it to your inbox. Then it's up to you to take action; help spread the word by sending it on to others who give a damn or join forces with places "where people create real value, where business is a good thing, where charity is implicit, where we work smarter, not harder".For example, this week's TBD issue is about Charter for Compassion; Don't do anything you wouldn't want to have done to you. It can be as simple as that. So subscribe to TBD, twitter away and become a TBD fan on Facebook. The future is To Be Determined by you! ::TBD

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