Osprey Recycles Packs


Announced a while back and due to be available by about June 07 are Osprey’s Resource series of packs and courier bags. 100% recycled PET (polyester) fabric from the likes of recycled drink bottles is utilised for the main body fabric, binding tape, webbing and mesh pockets. The mesh on the back panel is 60% recycled, while the plastic buckles are made of recycled post-industrial (factory production) waste. All up this gives the bags a recycled content of some 70% and roughly 80-85% by weight. In one review it was hinted Osprey were almost able to include recycled zippers but maybe the quality was quite there yet. This is the first time Osprey have endeavoured to produce a whole line with high recycled content but they have been using recycled HDPE plastic (the stuff in milk jugs) for their internal framesheets for over a decade. As well as sewing ‘Leave No Trace’ principle tags into their backpacks. In a related move, the company has teamed with Mountain Fund, a group seeking to reduce the poverty of mountain communities around the world, to create the Pass on the Passion program. Donate your old pack so it can be used by a variety initiatives like women’s training in Nepal or Uganda, porters in Tanzania, urban youth at risk outdoor programs in the US, or even boy scouts in Mexico. Aside from doing good, you score a 10% discount on a new Osprey pack purchase. ::Osprey.

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