Oscar Winner "Crash" Star Has A Green Epiphany


Readers skeptical of Alliance Against Urban 4x4s might be chagrined by the unexpected outcome of a similar Greenpeace campaign. When actress Thandie Newton (Flirting. Interview with a vampire. Jefferson in Paris. Beloved. Mission: Impossible II. The Chronicles of Riddick. Crash.) returned to her BMW X5 to find a sticker bearing the phrase: "This gas-guzzling 4x4 is causing climate change", and describing the damage done by such vehicles, her inner TreeHugger emerged. "My concerns for the environment had been growing for a long time but I had not connected them with the car I drove. When I saw the sticker it just connected all the dots up," said Newton. Not only has she made the switch to a (Hollywood standard) Prius, she's upped the eco-celeb ante by launching a letter writing campaign encouraging her former co-stars like Tom Cruise and Will Smith to kick the SUV habit. In the letter she writes: "I loved my X5, loved driving it, and what's more believed it was safer for my kids, until I discovered the truth about its impact on the environment." Honest, thoughtful and to the point - maybe she should start her own eco-blog? Via Times Oline and Greenpeace.