Orlando Bloom's New Home: 'As Green As I Can Make It'

We already reported on the Global Green pre-oscar party here, where a broad list of eco-celebrities gathered to promote greener vehicles and other alternatives to our rapidly dating fossil fuel culture. Now we have another tidbit of gossip for you from the party, courtesy of the appropriately named Orlando Sentinel. Apparently the paper’s namesake, Mr Orlando Bloom, used the party to talk about the new home he is building in London which, he claimed, would be as green as he could make it:

"It's got solar panels on the roof, energy efficient light bulbs -- newer technology basically that is environmentally friendly,"

Not content to stop there, Orlando even turned up in a plug-in hybrid, though he was keen to stress that green living was not all about expensive gadgets. Unplugging your phone charger, or changing your light bulbs, was already taking a step in the right direction, Mr Bloom told the audience.

Orlando has been a long time advocate of green thinking, and was instrumental in launching Global Cool, a celebrity-driven campaign to fight global warming. Details of the exact specs of his home are sketchy at present, but we’re sure glad that such a high-profile celebrity is championing the cause of green architecture.

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