Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon and Mischa Barton star in Global Warming campaign.

Climatestar.org have hit the celebrity jackpot! Rather than shocking us into action with dramatic photos of environmental disasters: burning forests or oil slicked seas, they have enlisted the smouldering good looks of Film and TV stars for a new awareness raising campaign on Global Warming. Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon, Mischa Barton, Josh Jackson and Jorja Fox are just some of the big names lending their services. Each of their posters addresses a particular issue related to the environment. Mischa asks us to ‘clear the air’, referring to the 6 million kids in the US with asthma which will be made worse by global warming. Kevin is saying ‘six degrees can make a world of difference’, referring to the prediction that global warming will raise the earth’s temperature by six degrees in our children’s lifetime. Josh is looking suitably hunky, but vulnerable next to a sapling, asking us to protect our trees, and we really dig the sexy photo of Orlando Bloom which in bold type says NOT COOL. Orlando tells us that with global warming we can expect more frequent heat waves along with increased air pollution, smog and infectious diseases. On each poster the slogan reads: ‘Global Warming isn’t cool, but stopping it is.’ Using celebrity endorsement to support and glamorise worthwhile causes certainly isn’t a new concept. We know it’s a kind of obvious and easy way of grabbing people’s attention, but since (and we know we’re being superficial here!) Josh’s muscles are gonna get more people staring than just the sapling on its own, well then why not! As they say (probably in Hollywood), if the formula ain’t broke then don’t try and fix it! ::Climatestar.org
[Leonora & Petz]