Organic Handknits - Apparel for Anklebiters

Is there someone in your life circle who is in the first 12 months of exploring this wondrous world? How about hiding the biodegradable nappy/diaper of that budding little eco-warrior under apparel worthy of your aspirations for them. Something, for example, like the hand knitted, certified organic merino wool, with paua abalone shell buttons, from Organic Handknits. In sympathy with the farming practices that provide the raw materials, this is a line of clothing that eschews 'fast' production. You select the cuddly items (sweaters, bootees, hats and yep, even those nappy things) you require and they hand knit them to your order - allow 2- 4 weeks. The Kotuku Singlet shown here is $41 USD. More >Organic Handknits explain why their product is different from most: "... certified organic sheep do not receive routine chemical treatments such as drenching or dipping for parasites, fly dressings, antibiotics, growth promotants, vaccines, nor do they graze on pastures that have been sprayed with herbicides. Organic sheep are bred for resistance to parasites and are fed outdoors all year round on special herbal pastures to build healthy immune systems. Organic sheep must graze only on certified organic farms and be fed certified organic stockfood. Genetically engineered or modified feed is prohibited." Their wool is obtained from New Zealand's only certified organic wool farm and has been certified by BIO-GRO since 1986, long before many of us even knew that organic wool was an option. By the way, we've noted BIO-GRO before in garments for grown-ups by Ecowool. Thanks to the ever prolific Michele W for this tip. Extra information on this collection for rugrats can be unearthed at ::Organic Handknits