Organic for Outdoors - Klattermusen's Rimfaxe Jacket


When, last year, we dropped by Swedish outdoor gear maker, Klattermusen, we thought their Einride jacket might be made from organic cotton. We can now confirm that to be true. And they've added other models, like the Rimfaxe, seen here, and pants. A highly wind and water resistant (tho' not w'proof) super dense weave of SKAL certified organic cotton.

But they've taken the environmental design issue further and made these garments fluorocarbon-free. That is the water repellent finish on the exterior of the cloth that makes water bead into droplets (when the garment is new) is no longer a teflon-like derivative. But it was a hard road of R&D; to get there, which might be why they are keeping mum, for the moment, on the details of their new alternative.

But Klattermusen do mention that their Merino wool garments are also available in Eco Blue styles that were dyed with natural herbs. "Its colour fastness is not as good as that of chemical colours, so it may well fade a little after long use, giving the garment a special Eco patina that we like a lot." And more eco innovations are due for 2008. Great to see the little companies taking up the good fight when it would be easier financially to simply go with the flow. ::Klattermusen.

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