Organic Food Scam in the UK

"Farmers, retailers and food inspectors have disclosed a catalogue of malpractice, including producers falsely passing off food as organic and retailers failing to gain accreditation from independent inspectors. The findings raise concerns that consumers paying high premiums for organic food are being ripped off." Definitely in the un-treehugger category, this is a reminder to the consumer to keep cautious about what he/she buys, but more importantly, this is a wake up call to governments to pay more attention and make sure their regulations have teeth and are applied. Unfortunately, until the supply of organic food exceeds the demand (which is not the case now), prices will stay high and it will be tempting for some food producers to get their food mislabeled. The only positive aspect is that a situation like that wouldn't be seen if organic food wasn't so incredibly popular and the market for it wasn't growing at more than 20-30% yearly in many parts of the world.

::Britain's organic food scam exposed