Orange County Goes Green on Fox's "The O.C."

Did anyone catch The O.C. last night? It's okay you can admit it. For all of you who are unfamiliar, the show is about a group of teenagers growing up in Orange County, CA. Think Beverly Hills 90210 for this one. They're rich, they shop, they complain about their parents and the woes of being a teenager, with some major drama thrown in. Well, last night the show highlighted the annual high school carnival and we were quite thrilled to hear what they were raffling off — a Toyota Highlander Hybrid (as Summer suggested, "instead of a gas-guzzling SUV" and the girls agree with her "how cool!"). Yes, this might not be the typical teenage car, as nothing on The O.C. is typical, but kudos to Fox TV and The O.C.'s creator Josh Schwartz (a Providence native we might add) for throwing it in for all the millions of young folks out there that watch it. Now if only we could get Ryan to trade in that Range Rover. ::The O.C.