Oprah's Vegan Challenge, Miranda Kerr's Green Fashion Tips, and More

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Photo: Oprah.com

If there's any A-lister in the world that could bring veganism to the masses, it's Oprah -- and with a full show this week dedicated to meat-free diets, she's taking on the challenge. The talk show host announced that she and 378 members of her staff spent a week following a diet free of animal products, and that her studio will adhere to Meatless Mondays from now on. Also on the show, author Kathy Freston offered tips for vegan food shopping and cooking; Lisa Ling took cameras inside a slaughterhouse; and food guru Michael Pollan offered his perspective. Ready to try it? Get recipe ideas, menu plans, meat substitute ideas, and other advice at oprah.com.

Kristin Davis's Elephant Memory

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Actress Kristin Davis will receive the Humane Society's Wyler Award in recognition of her work speaking out for orphaned African elephants. The babies -- often left alone when their parents are poached for ivory -- have been a pet cause for Davis since she rescued one while on safari in Africa in 2009, arranging for it to be taken to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for rehabilitation. "Elephants are truly amazing animals and they need our protection," said Davis in a press release, "and what people in this country may not realize is that they can help by not buying ivory items." (Via Ecorazzi)

Green Fashion Tips from Model Miranda Kerr

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Photo: Kora Organic Skincare EcoStiletto finished up its four-part interview with model Miranda Kerr by sharing some of her eco-friendly style secrets -- like her favorite green labels (Stella McCartney, Edun, Rogan, Phillip Lim); her exercise routine (yoga, Pilaties, walking); and her almost-meat-free diet . "I eat meat, but rarely," she says, explaining that, as part of the blood type diet she follows, she is supposed to limit her intake. "I find that when I follow the diet my digestive systems functions effectively. I'm also aware of the benefits to the environment from eating less meat, but I encourage people to do what works for them."

"The Cape"'s Izabella Miko Launches Eco-Site

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On NBC's new show "The Cape," actress Izabella Miko plays bank robber Raia. And offscreen, reports Mother Nature Network, she's a devoted environmentalist with a website, ekomiko.com, that offers celebrity interviews, games, and videos -- and soy candles made in recycled wine bottles for adults. "I'm extremely passionate about the environment and being a responsible citizen of the world and doing your part," she told the site. "A lot of people just live for themselves but I believe we're here for a reason."

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