Oprah Winfrey Talks About Global Warming (For Real)

My fellow TreeHuggers, a round of applause for Ms. Oprah Winfrey. For years the environmental movement has dreamed of the day when Oprah would invite us into the living rooms of that coveted and all important constituency: the soccer moms. Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio's commitment to the cause and Laurie David's brilliant Stop Global Warming campaign, we finally made it. Last week Ms. Winfrey hosted a frank and thorough discussion on global warming with Leo DiCaprio and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer. During the show they discussed the consequences of an over dependence on fossil fuels; the contribution of landfill waste to green house gases and the dire need for a strong policy response to the problem. They even took a tour of a super green family home. Best of all is the place of honor the show has on Oprah's website!