Oprah Wants to Know about Your Global Warming Concerns


It's been just over a year since Oprah Winfrey had Leonardo DiCaprio and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on her show to discuss climate change. Apparently, Oprah and co. aren't finished with this important topic, as the "Be On the Show" section of Oprah.com lists two global warming-themed questions (" Are you worried about global warming?" and " Is your family worried about global warming?" ) on the "Upcoming Shows" roster. A reader need only click on the linked questions and fill out the form, and s/he could find her or himself on the way to Chicago as a guest of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

We can't think of a group of people more prepared to answer these questions than Treehugger readers, so we encourage you to tell your story at Oprah.com. Let Oprah know that not only are you and your family concerned, but that you're also taking concrete steps to lessen your own carbon footprint. More than likely, you've even got good ideas about how we can address the climate crisis at the local, national and international levels. When you send your information to Oprah's people, we'd really (really!) appreciate it if you mentioned that you learned about these potential shows at Treehugger. ::"Be On the Show" at Oprah.com

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