Oprah Goes Local, Harrison Ford Bugs Out, and More

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Oprah treated her audience to an in-depth look at sustainable, cruelty-free eating with a show that included appearances from Michael Pollan and Alicia Silverstone. While Pollan talked about how eating local, organic food can cost less in the long run than buying junk, Silverstone took viewers on a shopping trip to show them how to stock up on vegan alternatives to everything from bacon to ice cream.
See the video of Alicia's shopping trip at Oprah.com, and check out more from Michael on Planet Green.

Harrison Ford's Insect Namesakes

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Actor Harrison Ford may be most famous for his on-screen saving-the-day techniques as Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and now as Dr. Robert Stonehill, a biotech researcher who develops a cure for a neuromuscular disorder--but off-screen, he's a dedicated conservationist. And, according to an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, he's also the only star who has two species named in his honor: the spider Calponia harrisonfordi and the ant Pheidole harrisonfordi. He almost had his name attached to a butterfly, too, but says, "I asked them to name it after my daughter instead." Ford, who's been part of Conservation International for almost two decades, sums up his views on environmental responsibility less succinctly: "I'm moved by the reality that we are interdependent organisms in a biotic community and that we have an arrogance unlike any other member of that biotic community which prohibits us from seeing the reality of our situation and allows us to commit such incredible folly at the expense of nature and the future that our kids have." (Via Ecorazzi)

Mandy Moore's Help for Haiti

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Actress Mandy Moore took a stand for clean air back in 2006 when she overhauled her car to run on biodiesel, but she's also a supporter of clean water: as the spokesperson for PSI, a global health non-profit, she's called for donations that will help the organization provide safe drinking water to earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince. On The Huffington Post, she writes, "Before the earthquake, only 54 percent of the Haitian population had access to clean, safe drinking water...for as little as 50 cents, PSI can provide safe drinking water to a family of four in Haiti for an entire month. Just think, for $6 you can provide a year of clean water for a family in need."

DiCaprio, Bateman, and More Speak Up for the NRDC

The latest cause to inspire a celebrity-filled video is the NRDC's effort to pass clean energy legislation as part of the group We Can Lead. Watch for appearances from Leonardo DiCaprio, Chace Crawford, Edward Norton, Felicity Huffman, and Jason Bateman--among others--and for a look at the pros and cons of the film's message, check out Matthew's analysis of the video and its promotional efforts.

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