Opportunity Green Seeks to Establish LA's Eco-Cred

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Full disclosure: this writer has helped organize the conference and will be participating as a moderator. Graham Hill, the site's founder, will also be attending as a moderator.

As "green" continues its ascendancy as this year's hot topic of discussion in business, policy and media circles around the world, one city from which it has been almost conspicuously absent is Los Angeles. Known primarily for its staggering level of smog, sprawl-heavy urban planning and inveterate automobile culture, Los Angeles has been slow to bolster its green credentials, having only recently embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at redressing its eco-image.

One organization that is hoping to reshape LA into a hotbed of sustainability is Opportunity Green. Founded earlier this year by Karen Solomon and Mike Flynn, Opportunity Green takes a more business-centric approach to kindling the conversation by highlighting the accomplishments and ongoing efforts of various LA luminaries and noted eco-entrepreneurs from around the country.OG is partnering with the UCLA Anderson School of Management and Sustainable Resource Center, along with a host of business/media sponsors, to put on its inaugural conference later this month, on November 17. With panels that span a gamut of issues ranging from green investment to the future of transportation - hosted by a distinguished cast of speakers and moderators - Solomon and Flynn are hoping to attract a diverse audience of students, policymakers, entrepreneurs, designers and executives.

The event will be headlined by Kevin Wall, the founder of Live Earth and CEO of Control Room, and John Picard, a renowned environmental designer and builder; the speakers include a long list of TreeHugger favorites such as Josh Dorfman of The Lazy Environmentalist, Jonathan Greenblatt of Ethos Water, Jamais Cascio of WorldChanging and Joshua Onysko of Pangea Organics. Oh, and did we mention this guy called Graham Hill - whom you may have heard of - will also be there?

There are still several spots open, and the event's organizers were kind enough to offer TreeHugger readers a nice discount to register - $50 off with the special code "treehugger".

Opportunity Green Seeks to Establish LA's Eco-Cred
As "green" continues its ascendancy as this year's hot topic of discussion

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