Oops I Pooped!

If you have a dog and don’t have a yard, picking up poop is a necessity. Even for those of us that have yards we usually like to keep a clean walking space. The company Oops I Pooped makes biodegradable pet waste bags that are neither heat nor moisture sensitive. Now we’ve seen several companies that make these (and all the dog parks here in Newport have them) but one thing we like about Oops I Pooped is that they are dark black in color and have handles that tie at the top to contain the odor. You can order online and one package contains 88 bags for $8.00. Throw in an all-natural dog treat for $1.50. And if you really love them that much, well, then you can buy an Oops I Pooped cap if you’d like, too. Thanks for the tip, Kerry T.! ::Oops I Pooped