One Week to Go in Current TV's Ecospot Contest

As Current TV's :60 Seconds to Save the Earth contest enters its final week (that's right, the deadline is September 12!), it's time for an intervention to get us off our addiction to oil and get clean. Check out this sample entry to the contest to see more of the ways that drug use and oil relate; if it inspires you to want to show the world how we can solve the climate crisis through moving pictures, we recommend that you upload your video via the contest site before the September 12 deadline. If the judges (celebs like Cameron Diaz and George Clooney first, and your fellow Current viewers second) like it, your vid will air on Current and you could win a Toyota Highlander Hybrid or any number of fabulous prizes. Check out more samples here, here, here and here on TreeHugger and here on Current, and learn more about the contest here. Good luck! ::Current TV's :60 Seconds to Save the Earth video contest