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I was checking out the Spring One of a Kind Show yesterday, and discovered that most of the green booths there have already been covered in the past by my colleague, Lloyd. But there was one fun looking booth with brightly coloured cloth stuffed animals that caught my eye. The mandate said that the toys were influenced by Dada, punk, minimalism and a surreal aesthetic. It's not often I come across a Dada influence in toys, so I had to know more.In my chat with Adrienne Gibb, I mentioned that I usually write about food for TreeHugger and she got quite animated and said she looks at her company Fabricawakuwaku in the same way I look at food - local and sustainable. She gets her fabric from thrift shops and from people who have started to donate textiles and she has developed a relationship with a vintage clothing store that gives her fabric leftovers from remaking and updating clothing.

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Gibb likes the idea that fabric used by people who live in her area are then turned into little works of art that children can play with. The toys are all handmade in Ottawa and are baby friendly. As she pointed out to me, just because you have kids doesn't mean you have to start buying plastic toys at Walmart. You can buy them from local artisans, using local materials. I'm not really further ahead on the Dada aspect, but they are very cute toys.

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