Go One Day Without Shoes, Today, With TOMS - And Discovery

As it just so happens I really enjoy going barefoot, and do so wherever possible. So participation in TOMS Shoes One Day Without Shoes event is not exactly a hardship. But the fact of the matter is that I have shoes to put on whenever I want. Furthermore, like I imagine every single person reading this, I have multiple pairs of shoes, suitable for a variety of occasions and weather conditions. Going barefoot for me is a choice. But for too many people in the w orld going barefoot isn't a choice.

Which is where One Day Without Shoes comes in. For one day, today April 10th, going without shoes to raise awareness of the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child's life. If you're feeling competitive, there's even a One Day Without Shoes challenge.

TOMS explains some of the real health hazards: Podoconiosis, Hookworm, Jiggers, for example.

Now, please don't get overly worried about going barefoot. These health hazards are limited geographically. Though stepping on something sharp isn't, for sure, but that's easily enough avoided.

Discovery, TreeHugger's owner (for those who missed the small text below the logo at the top of the page...), is one of the partners in this event. Workers in big D's headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland are going barefoot today. Join them.

More info: One Day Without Shoes

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