Onderwear: Soiled Even Before They're Used

As the Voice of Treehuggers everywhere, from time to time, we feel obligated to point out a product which has strayed from the path of the true hugger. It's a heavy responsibility, so we try to limit it only to those who are truly misguided. But every once in a while, something screams out at us like a 7 year old in the back of the class with his hand raised. So, with out further ado, Onederwear, will you please come to the front of the class...Before we just launch into this, let's take a little time for a thought experiment. Though we like to think of out time as the only time, we are living in what will someday be the past. It's interesting to imagine what future archaeologists will think when confronted with specimens of some present day products.

Onederwear is one of these.

If someone said to you, as an expert on ancient earth culture, "We've located a pair of underwear which were designed to be so flimsy that they would tear after a few washes. Additionally, though greener alternatives were available, they were intentionally made from one of the worst polluting fibers on the planet."

What would you say?

Well, this is Onederwear. Designed for use by tourists on cruises and other luggage-critical trips, they are mens and womens brief-style underwear made from super-thin cotton fabric. So thin, in fact, that according to the site:

"To enjoy the convenience of OnederWear, we suggest that you just wear and toss. OneDerWear will however last a few washes. OneDerWear is much thinner than traditional underwear, and will tend to tear after a few washes."

So, even if you wanted to re-use them, you're hard pressed to do so. Personally, we just nestle our dirties in the corner of our bag, but if you're really picky about this sort of thing, try stuffing them in a dirty sock, or a sandwich bag. If you're really in a huggin' mood, why not make sure the panties you're stashing are organic. Thanks to Kari for the...Un-tip. :: Onederwear