On the Stands: November Metropolis


With much of its copy online, including Beyond the Spectacle Dubai’s insane rate of development is easy to misinterpret—even caricature—but the cliché obscures the city’s more serious ambitions. ::Metropolis and see also TH on ::Dubious Dubai
Can LEED Survive the Carbon-Neutral Era? The rating system is beginning to gain wide acceptance, but critics now wonder whether the checklist approach can meet the daunting challenges ahead. Good article about how the obsession with saving energy may trip up LEED . ::Metropolis


Running On Empty A new exhibition considers the lessons of the 1973 oil crisis.

Terrific interview of the curator for the CCA show (Treehugger here)

What exactly is the idea behind this exhibition?
We want to say that nothing has changed. When the price of oil decreased in the eighties and nineties, most of us were very pleased to forget the crisis of the seventies. Today we have to confront this political problem again, as well as really analyze the shortage of natural resources. The awareness of environmental degradation was not as high in the seventies as it is today. But, since then, our decisions have become much more difficult politically, socially, and environmentally.

In a certain way we lost the last thirty years, and that is the point of the exhibition. In spite of the contributions of the seventies, when people and groups realized that the energy problem is deeply related to a society’s way of life, we are still attached to technological solutions. To think that the energy crisis will only be solved technologically is very reductive, and that scares me. ::Metropolis

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