On The Stands: Men's Health Living


The Rodale press used to be known for its vegetarian magazines back when vegetarians were considered weird; It has certainly evolved, and owns titles like Men's Health that are covered with washboard abs and sex tips. Now they are getting into the shelter scene with their new "Mens Health Living", just out on the stands. It's subhead is "the world's first home magazine for men" and it is certainly aimed squarely at the laddie market who are more interested in Jason Statham's cars than his kitchen. But if making green sexy makes it interesting to a whole new audience I am all for it. (full disclosure: they asked me to be on their board of advisers regarding green living.)

There are a number of things in the inaugural issue that would interest TreeHuggers (besides the racy "How to design a home that she will want to come to" or "seduce her with your space" )


They commissioned three architects to design the new American dream house and they are not all over the top like they used to be in the Life Magazine dream houses; they are not too big, have green roofs and many green features. And they are not all suburban; Brendan Coburn designed a Brooklyn townhouse, noting "Row homes really are an incredible type of building-they are easy to work with and they're quite gracious places to live. They are naturally energy efficient."


There is also a clever diagram suggesting which changes one should make to green your house, and a lovely story by Oliver Broudy about reinhabiting his grandfather's cabin in the Black Hills.

It certainly isn't the greenest shelter mag about, but it does bring the message to a new audience. We wish them luck in a tough business. ::Men's Health Living