On The Stands: Dwell on Small Spaces

Last month, when Dwell unveiled its redesign, we noted that we "look forward to gifts inside that are as exciting as the wrapper in future editions." This month they delivered.

The entire March issue is full of our favourite kind of stuff: small, modern spaces (including the incredible 205 square foot boxhome); 3D printing of furniture (from FOC, shown on TreeHugger here); Geoff Manaugh writes about David Adjaye, (TreeHugger here) and DWMA (dead white male architect) of the month is Bertrand Goldberg, most famous for Chicago's Marina City.

But learning about the Boxhome was worth the price of admission.


Architect/artist Sami Rintala writes:

"In the North all buildings for living have to be made in an advanced way due to the ever-contrasting weather. Additionally, the houses have to be properly heated with external energy more than half of the year’s course. Therefore producing smaller homes would bring about a considerable economical and ecological benefit. Today the construction activity stands alone for more than one third of total global energy and material consumption, well exceeding that of all traffic and transport."


Boxhome is a 19 square meter dwelling with four rooms covering the basic living functions: kitchen with dining, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

"The project focuses in the quality of space, material and natural light, and tries to reduce unnecessary floor area. The result is a dwelling where the price is only 1/4 of the price of any same size apartment in the same area. Boxhome is a prototype building, yet the same attitude could be taken further to bigger family housing and consequently to work places." ::Sami Rintala


On The Stands: Dwell on Small Spaces
The entire March issue is full of our favourite kind of stuff: small,