On The Ballot: Emminent Domain and "Takings" Initiatives


Several US states have ballot initiatives scheduled for this coming election that mix eminent domain with much broader zoning, planning, and natural resource protection issues. We'll we'll let others do the talking.. From the California Sierra Club: - "Proposition 90: The Most Evil Ballot Measure for the Environment California Has Seen." From the California Daily Progress Report: - "Why Californians Who Know About Prop 90 are United in Opposing It" As indicated by the Americans for Limited Government website, similar measures are, or may be, on ballots this November for Arizona (Proposition 207), Idaho (Proposition 2), Michigan (Initiative 154), Montana, Nevada (Proposed Constitutional Amendment), North Dakota (Proposed Amendment to Section 16 of Article I of the North Dakota Constitution), and Washington (Initiative 933) States. In the interest of balance, we suggest a look at the ALG site as well as the two linked pieces by those opposed to the California initiative. Photo credit: The Box Office.