Oil Change International: It's Time To "Clean Up The Senate"


Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Senate's ringmaster (photo via flickr)

As George Parker so thoughtfully detailed last week in is New Yorker story, the U.S. Senate has become a place that produces imperfect policy, when it does produce policy, and the rest of the time the members of the "World's Greatest Deliberative Body" are off raising money. One thing they are not doing is taking action on our dependance on dirty fossil fuels, which is why Oil Change International has launched CleanUptheSenate.com.

The site profiles 46 U.S. Senators who have taken significant campaign contributions from the the oil industry and it's part of the DirtyEnergyMoney.com effort, which launched last week.

Steve Kretzmann, Oil ChangeExecutive Director, said:

"We hope Americans are motivated to clean up the gusher of oil money that is currently covering these Senators. This campaign exposes these Senators and lets people send them a message that it's time they clean up their act. It's time for a Separation of Oil and State."

On the site, users can track the campaign contributions to the Senators and review how they voted on key energy and climate issues. The Senate skipped town this month without addressing the BP oil spill or taking action on a cap on carbon pollution. This is tantamount to gross negligence, especially when you consider the effects of climate change right now--record temperatures, flooding and drought.

You can also Take Action on the site. Give it a visit. An informed public will be an angry public.

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