Oh Greener Canadian Parliament?

Well, minus the dark suits and long faces that's what schoolkids across the entire country will be engaging in as they strive to make the world a better place. Essentially, schools sign up to be a part of this endeavour, and are assigned a password that enables their kids to engage in an online forum discussing ways to help Canada go green... And all the while being part of new eco-friendly projects that they create in their own communities that they can then share with other schools in Canada via their online "Parliamentary" debates to discuss environmental issues and ideas... Ultimately they'll be both exchanging ideas and inspiring each other to reach for greater heights in a more sustainable world. What better way can there be to get kids involved in what is essentially a social studies "topic" while engaging their intellects in finding ways to use their "position" for good? And with thousands of kids taking part in the program, I'm betting at least a few of them will ultimately go on to actual positions in government, bringing at least a few of these lessons learned with them...

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