Ode to Los Angeles Bike Culture from 30 Seconds to Mars (Video)

American rock band '30 Seconds to Mars,' sing lyrics like: We were the kings and queens of promise / We were the victims of ourselves / These lessons that we learned here / Have only just begun. And they have chosen the vibrant bike culture of Los Angeles as the visual connection to their words.

Although parts of the city were closed off to allow for filming it is rather pleasing to see one of the world's more automobile-centric cities overrun with bicycles, with barely a car in sight. Though one does make a dramatic entrance stage left. Even if Jared Leto and his band's music is not your scene, you can always enjoy watching quite lush cinematography of cyclists cruising the city streets, by just turning the sound off, if needs be.

A previous video by 30 Seconds to Mars had them perched on ice in Arctic Greenland, as they sang A Beautiful Lie, with words like: It's the perfect denial / Such a beautiful lie to believe in. Was that one a dig at climate change deniers, maybe?

::30 Seconds to Mars, via Cyclechic Belgium, who were quite taken with the whole show, calling it: "Best. Music Video. Ever."

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