Obama Kills High-Speed Rail, Proposes High-Speed Buses? (Video)

Obama Replaces Costly High-Speed Rail Plan With High-Speed Bus Plan

That whole sustainable, comfortable, and high-speed transportation thing was overrated anyway. Who needs high-speed rail? See, as the Onion proposes above, all we have to do is paint over the shoulder lanes on our highways, turn them into 'high speed bus corridors' and voila! Cheap, fast transportation. Also, everyday commutes become exhilarating death races. Sure, the story's hilarious, but remember that it's not so far from reality (okay, except for the out-of-control high-speed buses).

Also, that's a 2 for 2 on green stuff for the Onion over the last week -- Its headline story Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem was pretty great (and dead-on) too.

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