Obama Girl Also Obsessed By Guys "Like Ed Begley"

Video for America's Greenest Campus
Considering bigger concerns -- like "the most important climate and energy bill ever to hit Congress" -- the President doesn't want to get bogged down worrying about "the f--ing lightbulbs." Obama Girl ain't trying to hear that. In a new music video, released for the launch of the America's Greenest Campus competition, she declares her affinity for Ed Begley and her distaste for guys with big carbon feet.Organized by Climate Culture, a social network focused on energy reduction, the competition has so far encouraged more than 4,000 people to reduce their carbon footprints by over 4 million pounds. Leading the pack so far is George Mason University, with almost 800 members, followed closely by the University of Maryland College Park. (But where are the old green heavyweights like Harvard, Stanford, Oberlin, Brown, Dartmouth and the University of Washington?)

The school with the most participants and the school with the largest percentage of carbon emissions reduced by October 5 each get $5,000. As universities tighten their belts, that could be some serious green.

via America's Greenest Campus

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