O.A.R. to Headline Campus Consciousness Tour

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The Campus Consciousness Tour, produced by REVERB, and created by Guster's Adam Gardener (of Guster) and wife Lauren Sullivan just announced that O.A.R. will headline the Consciousness this year. The event aims to educate concert-goers about going green (while greening the concert itself) and also includes green a Consciousness Pavilion, where attendees can learn more about green. If you help work the Pavilion, you can see the show for free. But thats not all, Reverb is also giving out tickets and other cool gifts for everyone interested in going green.Guster headlined the first two shows and this year O.A.R. is taking on the challenge. At campuses across the US, prior to the show, Reverb holds "Town Hall Meetings' where students, faculty and staff can talk about greening the campus as well as win tickets to the show, including the chance to watch the show from the stage. Everyone who attends the Town Hall Meeting is allowed to go on a tour of the biodiesel tour buses. In the Pavilion, attendees can offset their emissions for just $3 and for taking part you get the chance to win autographed guitars and other cool prizes from the tour.

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Reverb is a non-profit that works to educate bands and concert goers through greening concerts. They have worked with groups like Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Guster, Maroon 5 and others, totaling 50 concerts and 900 events. Since it began in 2004, Reverb has worked to save 42,000 tons of CO2, fueled tour trucks and buses with over 300,000 gallons of biofuels, worked with over 1,400 environmental groups in their Eco-Village and educated over 7 million people at shows.

At concerts, Reverb has a collection of tools they use to help green the concerts. Carbon offsets by Native Energy, reusable water bottles for the band and crew, a recycling program for all guests, and biodegradable and compostable food containers for all concert-goers are all aspects of the program to improve the environmental footprint at each show. Reverb also uses biodiesel buses for tours, and non-toxic cleaners on the buses, as well as sell eco-friendly merchandise throughout the tour.

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