NYC Treehuggers: Opportunity to Help the Arctic

This is a little late for many of you, but if you're a New York Treehugger looking for something to do tonight, consider attending this fundraiser on behalf of the Treasure America Project. This group of writers, filmmakers, and activists is dedicated to spreading understanding about the negative impacts that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would have -- both ecologically, and economically. Funds raised at the event will help support efforts to document current effects of drilling on arctic climates and economies, as well as drive PR campaigns aimed at the public and potential political allies.
If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to yaunyw[at] (or to request invitations to the upcoming fund raising events in Denver, Boston and Washington D.C.)
Suggested donations are Caribou level - $50 per person, Grizzly Level - $100, Tundra Level - $250+. Donations can be accepted online at or in-person at the event.

Even if you missed tonight's event, consider e-mailing anyway for news of upcoming fund raisers nearer to your area.:: Treasure America