NY Event: Get Yr Fix at Fixers Collective: "An Iron Chef for Broken Things"


Every week the charming little Brooklyn gallery and reading space Proteus Gowanus opens its doors to anyone in need of help -- at least help fixing their broken objects.

It's part of Fixers Collective, a bright collective experiment dedicated to mending things that might otherwise be tossed out -- umbrellas, shoes, stereos -- or coming up with new hybrids altogether. (Consider: iPod + rotary phone = constant calls from the Talking Heads.)

This Saturday in Williamsburg, the Collective hosts Get Yr Fix, a party that will pit attendees against each other in competition -- "think Iron Chef except with broken things." Fixing Face-Off
An individual fixing competition will give two people two objects to fix, with two minutes alloted for tinkering before they have to switch objects. The one who actually fixes the object in the end "wins." Then teams made up of folks from Fixers Collective, Sewing Rebellion and NYC Resistor -- two other sponsors and DIY groups -- will face off before a panel of judges.

There'll also be soldering, sewing and umbrella-fixing workshops, a barter auction, food, beer, live music and dancing.

"It's kind of a faux competition," organizer and artist David Mahfouda told the Brooklyn Eagle. "Fixing can seem pretty mundane, we wanted to think about ways to popularize it and make it exciting."

It should be exciting for budding crafters, amateur tinkerers, inventive recyclers, and anyone with a broken thing -- especially at a time when we could all use some mending, from the level of needle and thread to the community.

"Get Yr Fix" is this Saturday, Aug. 28 at VOD Space at 99 S. Sixth St. from 2 to 10 p.m. E-mail questions to info at getyrfix dot com.
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