Now That's Poopy: Ebay Bans Reusable Diapers

[Correction: See comments section for Trish's update - it looks like used diapers are currently on sale via ebay after all. We are not sure if this is a change in policy, or whether the original information was incorrect. We'll look into it and keep you informed.]
Cloth diapers are a pretty core part of many people's efforts at green parenting. However, as with any product, even these have a certain amount of embodied energy and resources that have been used in making them. It makes sense, therefore, to reuse resuables as many times as possible — or so you'd think. Now we learn from the October issue of the UK's Green Parent magazine (which we previously mentioned here), that eBay has banned cloth diapers (or nappies as they are known in the UK) as a 'prohibited item'. Joanna McKay, an irate reader, writes about her frustration:

"This 'prohibition' seems particularly unacceptable given that the cloth nappies are good for several children, and also since not everyone can afford the initial outlay of a fill set of brand new nappies. I have contacted eBay to urge them to reconsider this policy and would urge other Green Parent readers to do the same ("

Hilary Gregson, Green Parent's 'Real Nappy Expert' also responds to Joanna, suggesting a number of UK-based resources that are less prudish about "gently used pre-loved nappies". These include UK Parents Lounge, Used Nappy Company, and the Women's Environmental Network's 'Nappy Exchange'. For those wanting more adive on green parenting in the early byears, check out our guide on How to Green Your Baby. ::Green Parent::

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