Not Blanche: An "All-night Public-space Thing"


Last year's Nuit Blanche all-night contemporary art festival was such a hit (400,000 people showed up!) that it is being repeated in Toronto tonight, but is now ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche, and some people think that it has gone all mainstream and corporate. The Toronto Public Space Committee has organized not blanche, an alternative, non corporatized version that is less about art and more about public space and urban issues.

They have organized a poster harvesting/button making crew- "Harvest expired posters from around the neighbourhood, then come back and make your own unique wearable piece of public space!" an illegal sign safari "Go hunting for billboards behaving badly with our friends from" a moonlight bulb plant- "Commit senseless acts of beautification by the light of the moon in our city's interstitial spaces."


Guerilla Gardening's 2006 "Pitch Black Night Attack" by the TPSC's amanda! on Flickr.

If you can't stay up all night, on Sunday they have organized Ecology Workshops -"Where does the rain go and why should we be paying attention? Bring the whole family out to take part in our ecology workshops designed to educate kids and parents about storm water management." and a screening of Crapshoot-", a feature-length documentary from the National Film Board on how our modern sewage practices impact human health and the environment.

Not to crap on ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche, but this is way more up my alley at ::NotBlanche

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