Norwegian Try For Carbon Neutral Concerts

Hove Festival Goes Carbon Neutral photo

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The HoveFestival – a rock event in late June that featured Beck, Duffy and rapper Jay-Z, and the jazz and blues festival Canal Street going on this week with acts such as John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and the Waterboys, both signed on to UNEP's Climate Neutral Network to make their events, well, climate neutral.

Climate neutral concerts, UNEP style
The band Coldplay has made (perhaps not quite the most successful) efforts to offset carbon, but UNEP wants events to sign on to the network to learn from each other how to get to neutrality. At Hove, 73,000 total staffers, acts and concertgoers were invited to pay for their carbon footprint produced by traveling to the event by cell phone SMS (short message service) or by credit card. Solar charging stations helped people keep their cell phones going, and some of the lighting was LED powered by solar and wind energy. Some of the camper concertgoers got a free meal for each bag of trash they picked up. Hove hoped to recycle 50 percent of their trash from the event. Last year's Hove produced 1,300 tons of CO2 equivalent, and this year's event is now being analyzed to figure out how much purchased offsets get Hove toward "neutrality." Canal Street also offered organic and Fair Trade T's and "sound pollution measuring" during the concert in addition to using green energy and offering offsets for purchase. UNEP, which is also working for big sports events to join the network, will use offsets from both concerts for a landfill methane project in Jinan, China. Via ::Climate Neutral Network
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