NORTHSOUTHEASTWEST — A 360° View of Climate Change.


"Climate change already touches every corner of the planet and every aspect of people's lives. As our global temperature increases, its impacts will become even more extreme. To illustrate this we commissioned 10 of the world's top photographers to bring together, in a single volume, what is happening in diverse countries and conditions around the world. This is their record."

These are the introductory words by Steve Howard, CEO of the Climate Group, which commissioned this amazing exhibition. Conceived as a way of raising awareness of how people's lives are affected by climate change, NORTHSOUTHEASTWEST will travel all over the world during 2005 and 2006 in conjunction with the British Council's Zero Carbon City campaign. This is a series of events highlighting the relationship between climate change and cities and the serious challenges it poses for people everywhere.The stunning images from NORTHSOUTHEASTWEST have been taken by 10 Magnum photographers, known to be amongst the best documentary photographers in the world. Each image addresses an issue such as the natural environment, human rights or technology, and is supported with a short text by a guest contributor including Tony Blair, Kofi Annan and Leonardo Dicaprio. The photographers travelled to 12 countries to witness not only how people's lives are being affected by climate change, but also what opportunities people are taking to improve the situation. As Steve Howard says:

"There are social, environmental and economic advantages in all the solutions described, worth pursuing even if global warming was not an issue. In every case the costs of action are dwarfed by the price all of us will have to pay through inaction."

To find out where you can see NORTHSOUTHEASTWEST in the coming year and/or take part in any of the Zero Carbon City events go to the British Council Zero Carbon City website, you can choose a country and find out what's going on. ::the Climate Group ::NORTHSOUTHEASTWEST ::the British Council/Zero Carbon City ::Magnum Photos
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