Interactive exhibit tells a sustainability story through the lens of contemporary art

Evanescent Encounter by Jave Yoshimoto, © 2010
© Jave Yoshimoto

Art Works For Change is using a unique online exhibit to inspire change through storytelling, including 'featured tours' of the galleries by leading eco-organizations.

In a bid to use contemporary art to move more people to action on environmental issues, and to reach a wider audience with the message that we need to clean up our act and live more sustainably, a nonprofit art organization has launched the second part of its online interactive exhibit, Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint. By using an interactive online format, Art Works for Change is looking to inspire activism and engagement about environmental issues in as many people as possible, by addressing "the urgent need to live sustainably within Earth's finite resources" through the lens of art.

The first part of the exhibition launched on Earth Day 2015, and this second part adds on to it with more incredible images of artwork from 35 artists, along with the integration of a host of other features to enrich the viewers' experience. In addition to the individual artist galleries, the exhibit also features several curated tours (Featured Tours) from the Earth Day Network, the Global Footprint Network, the World Wildlife Fund, and Oceana, each of which has a bit of a different focus.

Here's a brief video intro to the exhibit:

"Because the ultimate objective of this exhibition is to create dialogue and inspire action, we wanted to make this project more accessible than ever before by taking it online. We believe that these artists are telling a vital story, because while climate change affects us all, we also have an equal opportunity to act." - Randy Rosenberg, Executive Director of Art Works for Change

Along with the individual pieces of art, each gallery has interactive elements, such as 'deep zoom' (to look closer at the images, and sometimes to see additional content for each piece), additional information on the artist and background on the pieces, a pledge to take action on an environmental issue related to the image, and the ability to share the image and the pledge via social media. Art Works for Change is also suggesting that people share the exhibit using the hashtags #EndOvershoot and #OneEarth on their social platforms in order to help broaden the reach.

Art Works for Change strives to harness the transformative power of art to promote awareness, provoke dialogue, and inspire action. We seek to address issues of serious concern—human rights, social justice, gender equity, environmental stewardship and sustainability—in creative, inspiring, and ultimately positive ways by engaging with audiences fully, creating experiences that are at once emotional, intellectual, and sensory. In each community hosting an exhibit, we partner with local organizations to create related programming that leverages the artwork to foster dialogue and build awareness of the issues addressed. In this way, our exhibitions serve as a crucible where artists, museums, advocacy organizations, and local community may unite as a collective force for change.

See the entire exhibit at: Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint.

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