Nobody's Innocent When an Organic Smoothie Emits More CO2 Than a Coke

Coca Cola Can in the snow photo

Photo of classic Coke can in the snow via D3 San Francisco @ flickr.

According to the Guardian, Coca-Cola is today in the UK publishing its report on the greenhouse gases emitted by making, chilling, transporting and disposing some of its products, following the Carbon Trust's method for carbon counting and labeling. The surprise? A 330 ml aluminum can of Coca-Cola embodies 170 grams of CO2e (equivalent), while Innocent’s 250 mango and passion fruit smoothie embodies 209 grams of CO2e. What’s going on?

Innocent Smoothies photo

Photo of Innocent smoothies by @ flickr.
Simple - water and high fructose corn syrup
Innocent’s smoothies are crushed fruit (which has a lot of water naturally but is more concentrated in a puree) while Coke, well, it’s water, sugar or high fructose corn syrup, flavors, coloring and additives. Then there's also the packaging question - Coke's aluminum can fares very well - however, the drink delivered in glass scores worse (360 grams CO2e) than Innocent's worst (230 g CO2e for a strawberry and banana smoothie packed in plastic).

The stranger twist to this story, however, is that Innocent is looking for investors as it aims for global expansion...and guess who is interested in a share of the ethically-oriented company? Coca-Cola! So perhaps the real question, again, is how ethical and organic a multi-billion dollar company can be? Perhaps we should all just consider going back to (tap) water.

Via: Guardian and Brand Republic

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