No Impact Man Flying to Paris, Dining on Fois Gras

I lunched on tofu yesterday with Vanessa of Green as a Thistle; we have written here about her project to do one thing each day that betters the environment. She has a hundred days left until her year is out, thinks she probably will make it, and is planning her celebration already. No Impact Man completed his "project to live with as low as possible an environmental impact for one year" today; what is Colin Beavan planning with his family? (I doubt Paris is in the cards) He writes (beautifully):

"It's been an utterly amazing year. With no TV, I've become a better father. With no light, I've learned to rest. With no laundry machine, I've learned that there are certain sacrifices people are not going to be willing to make! No Impact has impacted everything from my life philosophy to my family dynamics to my finances." and says he feels both excited and sad:

"But sad because, although I've met so many people who are trying so hard, I am worried that we as a country are moving way too slowly. Sad, because, a year after I stared this project, partly out of frustration with how slowly things were changing, still, very little has changed. Sad, because as a country, we still seem to be talking not about what we should do for the planet, but if we should do anything at all."
::No Impact Man

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