Nitro Reused Golf Balls: a Threat to National Security?

Stumbled upon these on Amazon. Four dozen reused golf balls for $15 USD. The come in a reusable mesh bag and may have cosmetic flaws like "off colour" and abrasion scuffs. Would seem like the perfect afterlife for the estimated 2.5 million balls lost on American courses annually. But was staggered to discover that this was an issue of such vital importance to the welfare of the country, that it had been investigated by no lesser an authority than the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. Whom, it appears, studied balls submerged in water and determined (for the defence of the nation, presumably) that they did indeed absorb moisture, which brought on 'permanent change'. But such research has not dampened, so to speak, demand for reused golf balls. Sales are such that, as an industry, it does almost a third as much business as new ball sales. This has prompted other research. Like a chemical that can introduced to balls that is "activated after the ball has been in water for a period of time, causing it to discolor" thus making reuse sales less attractive. See the balls on Amazon and read about the controvery, in a bulletin from last year, at the ::Global Forum for Sports and Environment