Nigel Barker on Saving the Seals, Haiti's Hunger Crisis, and Green Fashion (Video)

Nigel Barker on seal protection and green fashion. Video by Emma Grady

We caught up with Nigel Barker, fashion photographer and judge on America's Next Top Model, at the Humane Society's (HSUS) Cool vs. Cruel Awards. The spokesperson for the ProtectSeals Campaign shares a story about the impact of global warming on seal populations and his experience in Haiti--and the hunger crisis so close to home. And talks green fashion--declaring it "a necessity" and names his favorite fashion designer, in a video after the jump.

Nigel Barker on Saving the Seals and the Haiti Hunger Crisis

Nigel Barker shares his experience in Haiti, talks green fashion, and tells a heart-wrenching story on how global warming is effecting seal populations. Video by Emma Grady
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