Nicole Kidman's Green Life

nicole kidman on vogue
Nicole Kidman Grows Organic VeggiesNicole Kidman has unearthed her country roots. The pregnant actress ditched the glam scene for greener acres on a Tennessee farm with husband Keith Urban. In July's Vogue magazine, the actress reveals her new outdoorsy life-style is 'a path I'd not taken before.' The reformed diva is even cultivating 'greener' pastures by growing an organic vegetable garden. "It's just a hobby. I'm not feeding the troops. There's a softness to the Tennessee landscape that I just love." Via ::Vogue

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Justin Timeberlake's Green Golf Course

justin timeberlake golfing
Justin is on par with celebs sudden penchant for everything green. The golf buff has swung into his hometown of Memphis and bought a golf course, which he is planning to make eco-friendly. Now in the works are plans for LEED-certified facilities, a renewable energy field, and a walking trail with educational placards and seating for the public to learn about responsible energy.

Kate Hudson's Eco-Hair Products

Kate Hudson plans to turn heads with her eco-friendly product. She and her longtime stylist David Babaii created a line of cruelty-free hair-care. The fun-loving actress didn't just slap her name on it, all the products made from such earthy ingredients as volcanic ash, wild orchid, and blue algae were tested on her. Motivated not by fast money, Kate was inspired to create this non-toxic line after her friend was diagnosed with cancer. "I'm not preaching about the environment, I'm just trying to educate. And I think it's important for people to know some of their everyday products are made with potential toxins."

Matt Damon's Green Mission

matt-damon smiling on red carpet
Matt Damon wants to trash junk mail. More than 100 million trees are chopped down each year for unsolicited mail. Now the eco-conscious actor is stamping out his unwanted mail by signing up with GreenDimes. It's a subscription company that wipes out 90% of unsolicited mail. As an added bonus, the company is paying 5 million people who sign up a dollar. No need for an easy buck? GreenDimes will plant a tree for you.
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Hilary Duff's Gas-Guzzler

hilary duff pumping gas
Not every star is living the sustainable life. Hilary Duff was snapped gassing up her enormous SUV. Maybe those massive shades are to hide her eco-guilt!

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