Is Nextdoor the next Facebook?

Introducing Nextdoor from Nextdoor on Vimeo.

Yesterday, I noted that the sharing economy is here to stay. An underlying theme to a lot of the businesses seeing success in that area is their focus on connecting users to their neighbors or people in their community outside of traditional business and customer dynamics. Hyper-local as a concept in journalism and business has had its ups and downs in recent years, but it makes sense that a growth area for social networking, and other businesses, will be local neighborhoods and communities.

Nextdoor, social-network for neighbors, just secured $21.6 million in a round of funding, reports Bloomberg.

Here's how Nextdoor connects neighbors:

Nextdoor, which has 39 employees, now operates in more than 8,000 neighborhoods in the U.S., up from 3,600 in July. Each day, members post more than 500,000 messages about activities in their communities, including recommendations for local dentists, preschools and architects, crime and safety updates, and classified ads for used cars or children’s toys. To sign up, a user must provide a real name and address.

Services like Neighborgoods, Yerdle and others have already begun to focus on specific types of neighborly interactions, such as sharing tools and products between neighbors. With major funding and a large team, it will be interesting to see how successful Nextdoor's generalist approach proves to be and how the other services in this space fare.

Is Nextdoor the next Facebook?
A social network based around specific neighborhoods has received major funding. Bloomberg wonders if it will be the next Facebook.

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