NewsFlash: America's Next Top Young Scientist Will Be A Green One


With the countdown to America’s Next Top Young Scientist continuing in earnest, it’s become apparent that the winner of the Discovery Channel’s Young Scientist Challenge, the nation’s leading science contest for students in grades 5-8, will be a green one this year… Of course, there are currently 400 middle school students from 44 states who’ve qualified as semi-finalists, but that list expects to narrow significantly on September 12th to just 40 of them who will qualify to make a trip to Washington, D.C. from October 21-24 with their parents to tackle some of the Planet’s most pressing environmental concerns. That’s because this year’s challenge focuses on issues such as climate change, global warming and eco-friendly initiatives such as recycling and green building design as well.

Finalists will be competing not only for the title of America's Next Top Young Scientist, but also for their share of the more than $100,000 in scholarship prize money up for grabs. With some of the finest and most inquisitive young scientists in the country present there’s sure to be some great green stuff going down during the final challenge as well… Who knows, maybe a middle school wunderkind can come up with a fascinating new idea to help slow global warming or tackle another pressing issue? It's really not so far-fetched an idea when you consider the fact that a 17 year-old just recently cracked the code to untether the iPhone from AT&T.;

And that’s precisely the beauty of encouraging kids to have an open and scientifically questioning mind… Anything’s possible, even in the face of some of the most difficult challenges of our time.

Via:: Press Release, CNN

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