News from Argentina's Path to Sustainability


Sometimes it seems to us Latin American treehuggers we are so delayed in what refers to sustainability… But then we have those weeks in which it seems we get closer to that greener future we dream about here at Treehugger. And it’s great.
Two pieces of news gave us that vibe last week: Argentinean government announcing a millionaire investments plan to manage garbage all over the country; and Santa Cruz’s province government and a mega company closing an agreement to build an Aeolian park whose energy production would integrate to the national energetic system. The first, a program called Strategic Garbage Integral Management Plan, is about progressively increasing the domestic residues recycling into profitable opportunities and employment resources, and at the same time eradicating open sky dumps. It will involve a 40 million dollars investment to develop programs in neighbourhoods, states and provinces, and is supposed to be completed in 2025, with the recuperation of the total amount of residues that don’t count on health and environment controls.
The second, the project to build the first Aeolian park to be connected with Argentina’s national energetic system, is led by an association between an enterprise called Invap and the province of Santa Cruz (president Néstor Kirchner’s homeland), and involves a four million dollars investment. This sum will be destined to build four generators which will then be increased to 40, and integrated to the national energetic system with a 1.5 megawatts production. The plant will be built in the north of the province, near to a small town called Pico Truncado which also has Aeolian energy production. ::Strategic Garbage Integral Management Plan (in Spanish) ::Invap and Santa Cruz to build Aeolian Park