New Zealand Television Looking for Couples Interested in Green Weddings

Here's your chance to be famous... In New Zealand. Joanne Mitchell of Television New Zealand Ltd contacted us with a request, and here's what she's looking for:

GREEN WEDDINGS: The traditional blushing bride dressed in white seems to be turning green. White weddings may have been the dream of fashionable brides of old, but now the trendiest weddings are seeking to give back to the environment. The 'green' wedding means everything from recycled wedding dresses and guests arriving by bicycle to home grown flowers and locally-produced food. SUNDAY, Television New Zealand’s primetime current affairs programme, would love to profile some couples about to embark on an eco-friendly wedding, for a television documentary. Please contact Joanne Mitchell, Researcher, if you are interested, by email or phone +64 9 916 7227.

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