New Year's Resolutions: Change the World 9 to 5

It's New Year's eve and once more we are reading articles about making those pesty resolutions. The latest one says that we are out of luck already: "Most important, say the psychologists, is not to leave the decision until New Year's Eve. In addition, for men, the secret of success lies in setting specific goals and focusing on the rewards you will get if you achieve them; for women, the best way to keep a resolution is to tell the world about it." Hmmm....

In any case, this little book has 50 tasks that you can do at work to affect change. You can do some alone, others require the co-operation of fellow employees. For example, share lunch, drink fairtrade coffee, get off the tube one stop early, praise someone, share a book, practise good manners, start a carpool, recycle waste paper, don't staple (one less staple a day saves 120 tons of steel a year), spread the word, support small businesses and say thank you. Number 100: fail; which really means learn from your mistakes.

Written by a group We are What We Do, which claims to be a movement to "inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world. Whoever they are. And wherever they are". Now that sounds like a really good resolution. :: Change the World 9 to 5

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