New Year's Eve Party Game: You Might Be An Environmentalist If ...

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The last couple weeks of December can be goofy. Especially when you get into the rut of watching too much TV and spending too much time in your pajamas. You might find yourself watching a Comedy Central marathon of "Blue Collar Comedy," with Jeff Foxworthy firing out a list of "You might be a redneck if ..." jokes. This New Year's Eve, why not green up that Foxworthy shtick, and try a few "You might be an environmentalist if ..." jokes?Foxworthy has explained that anyone can be a redneck. And anyone can be an environmentalist, in different shades of green. Since the term environmentalist can be a loaded word these days, why not turn the term on its head, and co-opt it?

Thankfully, deep-thinkers have been working on this party game for years in cyberspace:

You might be an environmentalist if ...

  • you've ever dived into a trash can after a recyclable bottle you saw someone pitch;
  • you've thought about vandalizing SUVs;
  • you've ever done the math on ethanol's net energy;
  • you've taken the time to clean out a glass peanut butter jar.

Those four are from the musings of a Proud Environmentalist.

There's even a Korean version of the game, apparently:

  • you ride the bus and the train, but you still love Hyundai;

  • you recycle and compost, but you're not sure why;

  • you know at least one person with a solar water heater.

Those aren't as funny, but they show that environmentalism is a worldwide movement, and there's more work to be done in 2010. Just one person with a solar water heater?

A few more, from personal experience:

  • you bring your own silverware to a party;
  • you carry your own reusable bags into a store;
  • your kids know the words to "The Lorax."

If you come up with any good ones tonight, or next year, or whenever, post them below.

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