New Vibration and Solar-Powered Bike Light from CatEye

Thanks to Stuart, our world-traveling tipster who saw this in Japan, we have the scoop on an all-new bike light from CatEye. It's powered by vibration, with the help of a photovoltaic solar panel. The light itself, about 3 cm x 6 cm, apparently fires up when vibrations (ostensibly from riding) are felt, and the little PV panel (under the transparent case on top) supplies power to the light as well. According to the information available at the show, the light has a potential life span of around 10 years if well taken care of. No word on what sort of light would be used, but CatEye looks to be big fans of LEDs (and who could blame them?) so we'll keep our fingers crossed. The expected release for the light is early in 2006, though it's so new that even their website doesn't have any info on it. We'll keep an eye out. ::CatEye