New to Reality TV: Coolfuel Roadtrip

In the last few months we've seen a number of television shows that have jumped on the eco-trend like "Trippin'", "Wife Swap" and "Off the Grid." Heck we were even pushing for all you TreeHuggers to vote for Kipchoge on MTV. Back in September a new show aired called "Coolfuel Roadtrip." We wish we brought this to you sooner, but not to worry because they are slated for 18 episodes this season (one per week) so you can still catch show host Shaun Murphy travel 16,000 miles around the United States, with his loyal dog Sparky, exploring a variety of non-fossil fuels. Murphy uses hot rocks, cow manure, garbage and vegetable oil to power the different modes of transportation that he uses to fly, float and drive around to 30 different states. This show is guaranteed to please every member of the family as Murphy encounters many eco-celebs along the way. Via ::Grist Magazine ::Coolfuel Roadtrip